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Learn to Swim


  • Discover the aquatic environment
  • Getting used to immersion
  • Nurture swimming movements
  • Developer touch sensitivity
  • Stimulate movement of limbs
  • Reinforce baby’s autonomy in a playful environment Initiate ventral and dorsal buoyancy Develop voluntary immersion in a form of games

CLASSES: Individuals, Moms & Tots, Dads & Tots, Autistic & Special Needs

Learn to Swim (Adult &Children)

  • Students will be taught how to wet their faces, blow bubbles, jump in, front floats, back floats.
  • Beginning of basic strokes
  • Enable them to submerge themselves
  • The goal is to provide the child with a positive, fun and safe experience in the water

Squad Training

Levels / Squad Training

Training our competative swimmers in 3 squads Juniors, Junior Elite & Seniors.

Our Goal as an Amanzimtoti swimming school is not only to nurture the best swimmers in our area but to be able to compete competitively in KZN and Nationally.

  • Advanced Stroke Correction
  • Drills
  • Fitness & Stamina
  • Race Readiness



Stroke Correction

Our stroke correction classes are a continuation of the Learn to Swim programme where swimmers will learn to perfect their swimming strokes as well as build speed and endurance in anticipation of squad training.

Training Includes:

  • Breathing Exhalation & Relaxation
  • Stroke Rate
  • Body Position (Kick Effectiveness, Core Awareness, Head Position)
  • Body Roll
  • Hand Position
  • Alignment
  • Stroke Timing
  • Catch Setup
  • Kick Timing

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