Brief History

Amanzimtoti, a town on the South Coast of Kwa Zulu Natal, has an impressive history of record breaking strong swimmers.  Swimming remains a passion for the people from the town and that was the motivation to create a facility that could contribute to this rich history of swimming.

Nicki Franken and Jessica Lowings, being friends for many years, wanted to join forces to create ‘something’ that would enable them to spend time with their family, whilst owning a business they could call their own.  It was this dream that brought the swim club idea into fruition.  Nicki’s children are swimmers but the closest swimming club to Amanzimtoti at that time was in Westville.  The travel to Westville every day was very time consuming leaving little to no time for all the other every-day tasks that needed to be done.  After numerous cups of coffee, chats and meetings, Nicki and Jess put their ideas together and decided to do some homework into finding a pool to restart the representation of Amanzimtoti in the swimming fraternity.

After consulting with various councillors and schools of the area, it soon became very apparent that the support was going to be minimal and if anything was going to be done, it would have to be done themselves.

A year after searching for premises resulted in the perfect piece of flat land being found in Kingsburgh. This on its own was a sign as flat land is just not something to be found in the area. This land had a tennis court on it, which was and still is to today, the exact outline of the pool!  Nicki and Jess jumped on this opportunity, and the huge task began to build the premises and pool for the swimming academy.

Another year went past during which the pool, premises, borehole and lots of grey hair developed 😉

It was with great excitement in August of 2016 that they opened with a privately owned 25m x 12m heated swimming pool – bringing huge opportunities for swimming in the area being the first swim club in the South coast since Amanzimtoti Swimming club closed its doors.

The swimming schools in the area were happy to hear of the academy opening as now all their swimmers could progress once they completed their stroke correction, by having the larger pool to train in.


In May 2017, Aqua swimming Academy will be a fully registered club with KZN aquatics, as well as Swim SA, which is a huge achievement given this being a privately-owned facility.


Whilst Nicki and Jess face various obstacles, their love for the sport and passion for the facility is the driving force that keeps them going every-day!  The satisfaction of seeing the children train, progress and become water safe is all the reward that’s needed!  When we Aqua Swimming Academy contribute to the development of a couple of Olympians, that will be a bonus.